The vocals for “Haiti” were recorded in the bathroom of our loft, because for Régine, it was such a personal song that she didn’t wanna do it in the studio. She did it lights out, in the dark, in the bathroom with a dictaphone. Around the 50th second, you can hear a click sound … you can hear her push the “stop” button on this tape machine.

Win Butler (via luwyn)


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I need a new channel trailer. that will probably be monday’s video. because my old trailer is OOOLD.

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I stopped at my fav coffee shop last night on my way home from work because I KNEW cute barista would be working because you know, the night shift. I made a mix yesterday before work and put all the tracks on a folded up note card (and on the other side, my number).

So when I got there, I asked his name, talked about music, school, yadda yadda. And when I left like an hour later (after working on photo stuff), I was all, “so last time you were wondering what would be the next big thing in sharing music right?”


"Well I think the next big thing is people sharing music, like mix CDs."

"Mix CDs?" he actually chuckled.

"Yeah, like people actually handing people music, person to person."

"Where? Like bars, in public?"


"Like a coffee shop?"

"Exactly." And I handed him the mix CD I made for him. "I like making these, and you like Pickwick, so there’s an old song of theirs on there."

"Really? Thanks. I appreciate it."

"Let me know what you think."

"For sure!"

And then I left.


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